We are emailing to ask for one big push before the consultation on the National Funding Formula closes on Weds 22 March.

The campaign will continue after this date but we want to ensure the concerns of Southwark schools and parents are heard loud and clear by Wednesday.


Respond to the consultation before 22 March – a simple guide

1. Find it here – https://consult.education.gov.uk/funding-policy-unit/schools-national-funding-formula2/

  • Enter your details
  • There are 19 questions but you don’t have to answer them all. Answer Question 1 by TICKING NO. You can explain your reasoning by making the point that school funding should be levelled up, not down.
  • Fill in any other question you want to by using the guide here www.fairfundingforallschools.org/act-now.html or simply submit without answering any further questions.


2. You can also write an email that includes:


Sign and share the local and national petitions


Get involved in activity at your school

  • Many parent groups and schools are organising activities – consultation responses, petition signing, campaign postcard signing etc.
  • Please email southwarkfairfunding@gmail.com to be put in touch with other local parents, to start activity at your school or if you need any campaign resources. The attached draft letter can be printed out for parents to sign. A petition sheet for printing is also attached to this email.
  • Please contact southwarkfairfunding@gmail.com to return any completed resources, particularly campaign postcards. The national campaign is planning a mass hand-in of these during week beginning 27 March.


PTFA Chairs/Reps

  • Many of our PTFAs have expressed an interest in working together to organise a range of activities from consultation responses to plans for summer fairs. If your PTFA isn’t involved yet, please email us to make contact.


Spring Awakening Event – 18 March

Join us at ‘Southwark Presents Spring Waking’ at Goose Green Park, Saturday 18 March. We’ll have a stall in the park from 6pm until 7pm.


Southwark Council Assembly – 22 March

Please email southwarkfairfunding@gmail.com if you are interested in supporting a deputation of Southwark Fair Funding parents to Southwark Council Assembly on Wednesday 22 March, 7pm, Tooley Street, SE1. We want to ensure as many schools and areas of Southwark are represented so it might not be possible for everybody who is interested to speak at the meeting.


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