Who we are

We are a network of parents from across Southwark that want the government to listen to our concerns about the funding situation facing state schools across the country.


We are working with the national Parent-led campaign Fair Funding for All Schools.


We are supported by and working with our local MPs Rt Hon Harriet Harman, Neil Coyle and Helen Hayes and the Labour-run Southwark council. However, we want to make sure that parents are leading the campaign to fight the cuts the Government is proposing to make to Southwark Schools.

What do we want?

Our campaign is calling on the government to:

  • Increase investment in all schools by protecting per-pupil funding in real terms for the life of this Parliament
  • Provide the additional funding needed to implement the National Funding Formula that increases funding for maintained schools and academies in comparatively poorly funded areas of England without cutting funding per pupil for schools in any other part of the country, so that no school in Southwark, or anywhere else in the country, loses out.


How are we going to do it?

By harnessing parent voices – through a national petition and setting up local parent groups – we will bring pressure to bear in Westminster.


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